WWD Photo 2014

WWD Photo 2014

Environment Education Program 2014

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WWD Photo 2014

WWD Photo 2014

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The Mission of the
Organization “Environment and Health” is:
To help improve the socio-economic situation of the community in general.
To assist in the development and implementation of strategies, policies, action plans, studies related to environmental and socio-economic issues.
To assist in the development and implementation of education and training programs related to the participation of different actors in solving environmental and socio-economic problems.
To sensitize public opinion and other state institutions and society to a variety of environmental phenomena and suggest solutions to social and public interest.

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The field of our Activities

The organization may engage in activities related to
its main purpose, which among others include:

• The organization of specialized meetings on environmental issues;

• Coordination and promotion of measures and activities to develop a clear
vision for the region and for environmental protection and sustainable
development thereof;

• Support the interaction between local government and civil society;

• Preservation and protection of  natural and cultural heritage of
the region through the promotion of sustainable development activities;

• Prepare various reports on environmental issues;

• Research and conservation measures, conservation and protection of wildlife
and biodiversity;

• Monitoring of populations of flora and fauna;

• Restoration and management of wet meadows;

• Training of various types on the  Protected Areas Management
design plans, breeding, inventory, etc.;

• Promotion of organic farming and local products;

• Programs for the protection and development of various ecosystems of environmental
programs within the European Community;

• environmental education programs;

• Publication of materials in relation to the environment;

• Organize ecoguides with schoolchildren, young people, nature lovers, etc.;

• Public awareness activities with the objective to local actors, local
authorities, public services, visitors and media;

• The organization of various exhibitions for the promotion of natural,
cultural, historical, religious values of the region;

• Partnerships with various environmental organizations, civil society, youth,

• Dissemination of information to environmental and civil society organizations,
and stakeholder, related to its mission;

• Dissemination of information to international institutions;

• Engage in cross-border cooperation with abroad environmental organizations ;

• Cooperation with the focal points for social , gender and civil
society issues;

• Advocacy and representation of interests;

• Organization of round tables;

• Organization of activities to contribute to solving environmental problems;

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There is a local NGO based in Prespa, Korca Albania

ImageThere is a NGO

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